Components & Shelf Ready Products

A Division of Forest Products Distribution, Inc.

Shelf Ready Items

We develop and distribute a wide range of retail ready consumer products including The Quick Bench, The Power Driven Boss Bench, The QwikMag II, and more.


Over the years, we have added various wood components to our product line. Each is consistently monitored for control standards throughout the manufacturing process.

Distribution Range

Our products are currently being sold and distributed in numerous retail chains and small businesses throughout the US. We also have retailers across Europe and are able to ship anywhere in the world.

Collaboration At It’s Best

The Components & Shelf Ready Products Division at Forest Product Distributors, Inc. collaborates with forward thinking customers by sharing superior product knowledge, market understanding and insights in product trends — ensuring business success in their markets.

We manufacture and distribute shelf-ready products and wood-based components, with our locations supported by a network of manufacturers and forestry operations.

We know that our business is built on customer and supplier trust, and our division sales staff has spent over 30 years in the industry earning that trust.

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